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I provide comprehensive environmental assistance with your real estate and corporate transactions and the operation of your business.

Transaction Assistance

Draft and negotiate environmental provisions of real property sales, and company asset and stock deals, including:

  • Reps and Warranties

  • Covenants

  • Environmental escrow agreements

  • Access Agreements

  • Indemnification Provisions

  • Agreements with Environmental Consultants

Connecticut Transfer Act and Remediation Standards

I help your consultants and other legal counsel work through the intricacies of Connecticut’s Transfer Act and the State’s Remediation Standard Regulations, including:

  • Preparation of environmental land use restriction

  • Assist with obtaining waivers and variances from
    the regulations

  • Draft legal opinions

  • Prepare regulatory forms

Conduct environmental due diligence and advise on the scope of environmental investigations.
  • Oversee and interpret Phase I, II and III investigations

  • Compliance reviews

  • Permit transfers

Assist in-house Corporate Counsel or Environmental Managers with Environmental Compliance Requirements
  • Assist with Permit applications

  • Respond to Agency Requests for Information or Notices of Violations

  • Meet with Government Regulators

  • Participate on environmental audit teams

  • Asbestos removal, PCB contamination and PFAS/PFOS issues

Representative Matters:

  • Worked with in-house counsel and environmental managers for a large petroleum company in the acquisition and sale of $100 million of retail gasoline service stations located in numerous states.

  • Performed environmental compliance reviews of over 300 new cell tower locations for a national wireless carrier.

  • Assisted clients with the acquisition of brownfield sites, applications for grants or loans from government sources, and the negotiation and oversight of consultants performing site investigations and remediation.

  • Advised international wind energy company on issues of Connecticut law affecting the development of a major wind power project.

  • Worked with a commercial real estate developer to review the environmental condition of owned properties and to prioritize environmental work in preparation for a portfolio sale of assets.

  • Negotiated with state regulators a resolution of a complex Transfer Act filing for a site with persistent bedrock contamination with chlorinated solvents and possible upgradient impacts.

  • Assisted purchaser of a former tire burning facility with obtaining regulatory approvals for the demolition of prior contaminated structures and redevelopment of the property for potential wind, solar or battery storage use.

  • Worked with the owner of a property contaminated with PFAS/PFOS materials to address the potential source of the contaminants and to assure tenant participation with the investigation and remediation process.

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